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tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Wed Oct 25 23:37:00 GMT 2006


 > In the long run I believe that Samba should be
 > providing shared libraries as a development
 > environment for other applications.  Otherwise,
 > everyone will continue to reinvent the work we
 > have already done.

yes, I agree

I'd love to see this done more, especially for things like our RPC
libraries, our low level SMB libraries and our auth libraries. It is a
lot of work though, and its even more work if you try to provide these
libraries on the more 'recalcitrant' platforms as well. I also think
that we will get the most milage from our effort on the 'major'
platforms, and that very few people will end up taking advantage of
our shared libraries on the more obscure platforms. I expect instead
we'll see them used by projects like gnome, KDE, various Linux file
managers etc.

So for example, I'm guessing the effort and developer inconvenience
required to get shared libraries working well on IRIX and AIX is more
than it is worth. If someone comes along and wants to put the effort
in on those platforms then great, but I don't think it should be
Jelmers job to make that happen, and I don't think we should put up
with an annoying build environment on the off chance that some person
will come along later and ask for AIX shared libs. If it happens we
can deal with it then :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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