Coverity errors in libndr/

David Collier-Brown davec-b at
Wed Oct 25 18:54:15 GMT 2006

tridge at wrote:
> time for my bi-yearly rant about assertions on NULL dereference :)
> Unix and unix-like systems provide a highly efficient, zero code
> assertion system. It interfaces to debuggers, it correctly propogates
> to parent processes and it is even implemented in hardware on nearly
> every system in existance. 
> It's called the segmentation fault. It's wonderful. Use it :-)

And if you arrange to catch them, at the expense of writing a bit
of code, you can save a complete file of useful diagnostics: the script
samba-3_0/examples/scripts/debugging/solaris/ does just
that, and is actually derived from a debugging library used with
LD_PRELOAD to capture stupid application crashes (;-))

It should be seriously easy to write an equivalent one for Linux.

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