Restrict Winbind enumeration to specific OU?

Justin Maggard jmaggard at
Wed Oct 25 03:12:07 GMT 2006

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Justin Maggard wrote:
>> From what I've seen, using winbind in a large 
>> corporate ADS environment tends to lead to a lot of
>> memory and CPU usage, which can be pretty
>> hardon an old system or an embedded system running 
>> Samba.  In many situations, it would be nice to
>> be able to limit winbind to one or more
>> specific OUs.  Has any work been done to this end?
> I used to think this was a good idea.  But after you
> think about, one realizes that it won't work in general
> if you restrict both users and groups.  Perhaps we could get
> around by only restricting users to an OU.  But no one
> has tried yet that I know.
> In general, disabling 'winbind enum {users,groups}' lessens
> much of the pain in large environments.
> cheers, jerry
Hmm, I think the idea of restricting only users to an OU would be a 
great benefit in some cases.  Setting winbind enum * = 0 certainly does 
help some, but it would be great to be able to do either/both.  Does 
anyone know of a way to set things up from the Windows side so that the 
Samba machine would only have access to a single OU?

- Justin

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