svn commit: samba r19406 - in branches/SAMBA_4_0/swat/apps: resource/css samba/utils script

derrell at derrell at
Fri Oct 20 12:55:48 GMT 2006

tridge at writes:

> Derrell,
>  > ldbbrowse: done!
> great!
> I wanted to try this out, but hit a snag. On every access I get:
>   Async(5) exception: Transport error 404: Not found
> This is with firefox 1.5.07 on debian unstable. Shall I just start
> poking around with gdb or is this a well known type of problem?

Andrew pointed this out to me.  I just haven't had a chance to fix it.  I
believe the problems are that (1) I've screwed up the installswat installation
script, when trying to instal the /services directory.  It should install at
the same level as swat (not in it) and the actual directory /services should
exist; and (2) I need a sane default for the new "jsonrpc base" global
parameter for smb.conf.  Since I had "jsonrpc base" pointing into my source
tree, I didn't catch this prior to check-in.  Sorry about that.

If you want to test right away, try adding this to your smb.conf file
(assuming that you're testing on the same system that smbd is running on):

            jsonrpc base = <path_to_your_source_tree>/services

You could probably also

    rsync --exclude .svn <path_to_your_source_tree>/services <dest>

where <dest> is the same level as swat in the installation tree.  I don't know
what extra cruft might get installed using this method, but it should be ok at
least for testing.



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