Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Wed Oct 18 06:27:10 GMT 2006

18 okt 2006 kl. 05.32 skrev James Peach:

>> This is my experice too, stomping on other's name-space is never a
>> good thing
>> and will come back and bite you later.
> Fair enough. Though I'd argue that stomping in the preprocessor
> namespace is just as likely to bite you (and I already have 1 point on
> the board!).

That the nice part, cpp will happen at compile time and is usully  
but quite diagnosable.

Having users fall over because they dynamicly loaded a module that
depends on a diffrent version of the library that is already loaded
is quote common and much harder to diagnose.

This problem could of course be solved by linker-magic, but that not  
portable :(


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