Explorer and large files

Jon Delacruz jondelac at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 01:16:37 GMT 2006

Hi... I have several large files on a file share that are encrypted.  When
explorer tries to open the file, we decrypt the file and serve it back via a
samba plugin.  The problem is that the decryption can take a long time.

Our question is, as long as samba is up and running, will or should this
cause a problem to the clients (the clients will simply wait for the file to
get decrypted fully)?

We see issued with Explorer and it times out aftrer a while.  We are unsure
if this is because of some error in how we plugged in our encryption module
or if CIFS clients as a rule of thumb will generally time out after say 60

Are there any keep alives etc the server can feed the client with in SMB to
keep the client alive?


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