mem leak in kerberos_util.c

tridge at tridge at
Sun Oct 15 01:55:12 GMT 2006


Can you take a look at this when you have time?

==29564== 147,444 bytes in 12,287 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 56 of 61
==29564==    at 0x401DA06: calloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:279)
==29564==    by 0x86449A2: hc_EVP_MD_CTX_create (evp.c:49)
==29564==    by 0x864478A: hc_HMAC_Init_ex (hmac.c:82)
==29564==    by 0x8644920: hc_HMAC (hmac.c:114)
==29564==    by 0x86443F4: hc_PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC_SHA1 (pkcs5.c:101)
==29564==    by 0x85ED2FC: AES_string_to_key (crypto.c:633)
==29564==    by 0x85EDD1E: krb5_string_to_key_data_salt_opaque (crypto.c:1135)
==29564==    by 0x85EDC63: krb5_string_to_key_data_salt (crypto.c:1108)
==29564==    by 0x85EDDD2: krb5_string_to_key_salt (crypto.c:1158)
==29564==    by 0x843D47A: create_kerberos_key_from_string (clikrb5.c:114)
==29564==    by 0x843E966: keytab_add_keys (kerberos_util.c:318)
==29564==    by 0x843EFEA: create_keytab (kerberos_util.c:455)

I'm guessing we need to free entry.keyblock, but I'm not sure of the
heimdal-friendly way to do that.

Cheers, Tridge

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