Vista RC2 doesn't like samba-3.0.10+ or 3.0.22+

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Thu Oct 12 23:07:39 GMT 2006

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> I think Volker added a fix for something like this into the SAMBA_3_0
> source tree. Are the servers in a AD domain ?
No they are "server = DOMAIN" even though we are fully AD Win2K3. We had
a cow of a time getting Samba (specifically winbind) to work reliably
under "server = ADS" and have gone back to DOMAIN. Other than this we
really haven't lost any functionality...

> If so that would explain why the alias entry makes a difference, with
> the primary name they're using krb5 (which Volker added a fix for)
> with the alias name they're using NTLM.
Hmm - that doesn't follow if we are DOMAIN does it? It certainly could
be that the servers showing this problem have been ADS members earlier
before we downgraded them back to DOMAIN - could that cause some
ADS-calls to carry over?


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