Dmitry Butskoy buc at
Thu Oct 12 15:05:44 GMT 2006

Volker Lendecke wrote:

>On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 06:25:09PM +0400, Dmitry Butskoy wrote:
>>We had a task to cause a fileserver to work in two different domains 
>>simultaneously. (Such a task was needed for gradual switching of clients 
>>from the one domain to another, without global system's stopping etc.)
>>Such a task requires two instances of Samba. One uses normal 
>>config/lib/cache pathes, other uses an alternate.
>>Samba has a good possibility to differ config file's path (-s option), 
>>log file dir (-l), lock and pid directories ("lock directory", "pid 
>>directory" in the config file). But one thing has remained unhandled -- 
>>it is now hardcoded WINBINDD_SOCKET_DIR path.
>Hardcoding that is deliberate. If you do a 
>getent passwd <username>
>which winbind should that command connect to? 
Use an option for pam_winbind, i.e.:
"auth   required  config=/etc/another_conf   
try_first_pass " ...

>Winbind _is_
>a global resource,
If it is not a "religious postulate" :), then let it be not so global...

BTW, why then private sock is under alterable cache dir 
(/var/cache/samba/winbindd_privileged)? ;)

> the migration scenario you are describing
>is correctly handled with Windows trust relationships.
Not in our case. We have NT domain (Samba) and AD domain, which cannot 
be in NT-compatible mode.

Anyway, I am sure that such an option spoils nothing at all.


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