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Thu Oct 12 14:25:09 GMT 2006

We had a task to cause a fileserver to work in two different domains 
simultaneously. (Such a task was needed for gradual switching of clients 
from the one domain to another, without global system's stopping etc.)

Such a task requires two instances of Samba. One uses normal 
config/lib/cache pathes, other uses an alternate.

Samba has a good possibility to differ config file's path (-s option), 
log file dir (-l), lock and pid directories ("lock directory", "pid 
directory" in the config file). But one thing has remained unhandled -- 
it is now hardcoded WINBINDD_SOCKET_DIR path.

Winbind's private socket dir can be altered, because it lives under 
alterable cache dir. But WINBINDD_SOCKET_DIR (which is "/tmp/.winbindd" 
by default, some distros use "/var/run/winbindd" for it) can't be 
altered at all.

We have made a hack (attached patch), after which all began to work 
fine. Now we have the same fileserver in two different domains (AD + 
SambaNT) simultaneously.

Certainly it would be good to have an additional config parameter, say 
"winbind socket". With such a parameter the task to run several 
independent instances of Samba on the same server will be possible for 
any user.

Actually, the given mail suggests to do it. :)

Dmitry Butskoy
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