Samba 3.0.23d in the pipeline

Hansjörg Maurer Hansjoerg.Maurer at
Wed Oct 11 11:44:47 GMT 2006

Hi Jerry

we had a problem with samba-3.0.23c, when
the samba acts as AD menberserver but all Unix-users are availiable
via  NIS.
With 3.0.21 the Windows-File Security dialog shows
with 3.0.23
is shown.
We discussed this on this list in august

New approach to "valid users" fix
Preliminary 3.0.23c patch for testing and review

If you have plans to fix this behaviour, let me know
and I will test CVS.

Greetings from munich


Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> FYI...
> Last week was a distraction due to some travel and
> other things.   I'll try to get thios together by
> week's end.
> cheers, jerry


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