make samba3 make -j proof

William Charles william.charles at
Tue Oct 10 23:11:28 GMT 2006

Björn, I've always found (with Samba 3) that this works for me after a clean 'configure'...

      make proto_exists
      make -j4 all

Maybe I've been lucky and have to confess to being largely ignorant of the Makefile's innards!


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sitting in a train today waiting for a samba compile I thought it
might be quite a bit faster if it would be compilable parallelized. I
saw that the changes neccessary in the Makefile to make this work are
not very big. See attached patch. I tested the Makefile with make -j20
without a problem. On a dual core machine the build is in fact twice
as fast now with make -j2.

I needed to replace the suffix rule in the makefile with a implicit
pattern rule to be able to add dependencies to each resulting target.
VERY ancient make versions might not cope with that but all machines
that can cope with samba4's makefiles can cope with this, too. So I
thing there's nothing to worry about.

Any volunteer to check this in?

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