net/if.h on HP/UX host hpisgr8

tridge at tridge at
Fri Oct 6 22:16:42 GMT 2006


I've CCd Don McCall on this reply. He owns that box, and may have some

I'm curious why smbtorture3 doesn't run at all - won't it fall back to
using the interfaces line? I know its not convenient, but it should

Cheers, Tridge


 > Oh host hpisgr8 (HP/UX 11.23?) smbtorture3 does not run
 > because it can not automatically detect interfaces.
 > configure says 
 > checking configure summary... WARNING: No automated network interface determination
 > Shall we define this host as broken and not support it until
 > HP fixes their header files? Or can we do anything about it?
 > With r18563 tridge checked in a fix to lib/replace that
 > effectively disabled use of net/if.h on that box which is
 > probably the right thing to do, but it also disables samba3
 > here.
 > What to do?
 > Volker

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