vampire ldif fixes

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Thu Oct 5 22:23:30 GMT 2006

On 10/5/06, Donald W Watson <dwatson at> wrote:
> This does appear to be the case.  Jim, any comments?

I agree, we should move those out.  This section of code needs a good
review.  You'll also notice the hierarchy of the tree is rather
inflexible...i'll try to get around to this later tonight or tomorrow.

net rpc vampire ldif writes out a user nobody with rid of 2998 fixed.
> This is bad because the 1998th vampired user will have the same
> domain sid which draws that account unusable.
> The same way it writes out a user root with rid 500 fixed. The same
> rid as Administrator will have - also resulting in the same SID
> existing twice in LDAP.
> Both entries seem to be quite useless.
> Any objections if root and nobody are being removed vom vampire
> ldif output?
> Bjoern
> (See attached file: samba3-vapire-ldif-fix-accountflags.patch)

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