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Thu Nov 30 17:12:03 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-11-30 at 09:04 -0800, James Peach wrote:
> > ldb also uses talloc and talloc is required by users of ldb, so ldb is
> > a public dependency.
> So if libfoo is a DSO, then then only the private dependencies will be  
> linked into libfoo. If libfoo has public dependencies then any binary  
> that declares a dependency on libfoo will be linked with libfoo and  
> all the libfoo public dependencies.
> Is that right?
Yes, exactly.

> >>>> For example, when I add a source file that includes  
> >>>> popt_common.h, I
> >>>> need extra_cflags.txt for that file to have an additional -I./lib/
> >>>> popt ... how do I make this happen?
> >>> Add POPT to the list of dependencies for the subsystem that needs
> >>> popt.
> >> So the last argument to SMB_SUBSYSTEM is the list of extra header
> >> paths that client of this subsystem will get? Is there a way to
> >> specify an extra include path for external libraries?
> > What do you mean exactly? External libraries found by configure should
> > be defined using SMB_EXT_LIB(), or do you mean something else?
> and SMB_EXT_LIB adds a CPPFLAGS line to the entry it  
> generates and this will trigger a corresponding entry in  
> extra_cflags.txt. Is that right?


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