ldb for 3.0.24?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Nov 29 15:46:09 GMT 2006

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simo wrote:

> I think Jerry will always have the last say, personally 
> I am confident that ldb can do its job very well, and there
> no major problems in the code. The use cases we can have
> in samba 3 are much simpler than what we have in samba 4
> and I don;t expect to see ldb used in any other more
> complex way any soon.

Simo,  I'm not sure that I trust that judgment unless you
tell me that you have tested upgrading from 3.0.23d to
SAMBA_3_0_24 and that we're not going to have these types
of internal changes that would break things.  So exactly
what are you basing your confidence on here?  Use of Samba 4 ?
or of SAMBA_3_0_24?

I'm still going to pull it from 3.0.24 and we can look at
it again for 3.0.25 perhaps.

cheers, jerry
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