smbtorture - why has it's output format changed?

tridge at tridge at
Fri Nov 24 05:25:22 GMT 2006


I think Gary does have a point actually. While I think the tests are
(all?) still there, they have been moved around in some pretty strange

For example, we used to have SCAN-TRANS2 and BASE-TRANS2. They have
now been combined into just BASE-TRANS2, which makes no sense. The
SCAN-* functions have a totally different purpose and target audience
to the BASE-* functions. We created the SCAN- category because the
SCAN-* tests are designed to be used by people exploring the protocol,
trying to find out if some server has added new functions to the
protocol. The SCAN-* tests construct and send deliberately bad packets
in the hope that some of those packets will turn out to be valid for
the target server.

In contrast, the BASE-* functions are designed to test for correct
behaviour. They are used to see if a server behaves in a way that we
have determined to be correct (or at least useful!).

So by combining these two we have combined tests with very different

Could we please go back to the old division of the tests? We had:

 BASE:  general tests of known functionality

 RAW:   deep coverage tests designed to test every field of a specific
        part of the protocol

 SCAN:  protocol scanners, used to explore the protocol to see what
        ranges of inputs a server responds to

 NBT:   tests related to the NBT protocols

 NET:   tests of the libnet API

 RPC:   tests of rpc pipes

 LOCAL: tests of local subsystems

 LDAP:  tests of ldap protocol elements

 SMB2:  tests of SMB2 protocol elements

It wasn't organised pefectly, but I do think it was a bit better
layout for use of smbtorture than what we have now.

Cheers, Tridge

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