SAMBA to front-end Sun LDAP directory and pass through authN/authZ requests.

Gigliotti, Joseph Joseph.Gigliotti at
Wed Nov 22 05:43:14 GMT 2006

We have a project that is to implement a Sun LDAP directory for
primarily UNIX/Linux hosts to authenticate and authorize against (AAA). 
In addition we looked at pGina for a small number of Windows hosts to
authN/authZ against the Sun directory, whilst this solution our company
has taken the stance not to endorse pGina due to it's lack of commercial

My question is, apart from Samba being configured as a Domain Controller
so as the Windows hosts can join this domain, but specifically can Samba
be configured whereby to pass through the client
authentication/authorization requests to the Sun LDAP server so as to
avoid provisioning these accounts into the Samba Domain, since the LDAP
server will already have these accounts defined?

Joseph Gigliotti
Directory Specialist, Identity Management Solution Centre, ITS 
Tel: (03) 9634 2436 / 0407 862 934 
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