[Samba4] [Patch] Fixes and Improvements to samba3sam

Martin Kühl mkhl at samba.org
Thu Nov 16 20:52:22 GMT 2006

Oh sorry, I forgot to add:

On 11/16/06, Martin Kühl <kuehl at univention.de> wrote:
> - samba3sam-04-unixName-generate.patch:
>   The current ldb_map doesn't support multiple mappings from a local
> name to
>   different remote names; this patch changes the "unixName -> uid,
> uidNumber
>   etc." mappings to a single generator that should work as intended.

This one also breaks the current samba3sam test suite.  The problem is
that one of the records being tested is a "uid=Administrator" one, and
ldb_map doesn't support generator mappings in DNs.

This is something that should be fixed (or worked around) in ldb_map
though, I'll take a look into that.


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