Peter Somogyi psomogyi at gamax.hu
Thu Nov 16 10:05:12 GMT 2006

On Thursday 16 November 2006 08:03, tridge at samba.org wrote:
> I understand what you have in your header, I just don't see how it
> relates to being an async RPC model :)
- for me RPC means you have callable functions which are performed remotely. 
You have them in the header. It's much more readable for me than a free text 
or a byte hunting code :)
- async: functions return immediately without result (except on transport 
error) - this header doesn't tell too much about it, but doesn't exclude it.
I go back to the school if I'm wrong:)

Additionally I visioned some modularity about transport layer in this header 
(TCP/IP, unix domain socket, HW accelerated transport). You recognized well I 
misunderstood something in this, e.g. I've missed a hook func from there (I 
haven't thought first it's also single threaded) callable from the main event 

For me it's also unclear which RPCs are performed where (DMASTER, LMASTER, 
smbd, dispatcher).

I couldn't figure out also which functionality (DMASTER, LMASTER, ltdb) takes 
place where (in which process). Could you please enumerate? (e.g. 
DMASTER/LMASTER logic is in the dispatcher(?), ltdb is a separate process(?) 
-or not-, smbd & dispatcher are ok.)

Thank you in advance.


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