[RFC] idmap_nss plugin architecture for winbindd

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Nov 16 01:16:44 GMT 2006

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I've reworked the "winbind nss info" option to support
plugins similar to "passdb backend" and "idmap backend".
The reason for this is that when writing a new idmap
backend, it is impossible to reconfigure where winbindd
retreives the user's home dircetory, shell, and gecos information
from without touching code winbindd code (see winbindd_ads.c
in the original SAMBA_3_0 tree).

What I have done is to create a very simple API and 2 initial
providers: template, and rfc2307.  The API consists of

	* init()
	* get_nss_info()
	* close()

I've tried to maintain the current syntax of "winbindd nss info".
For example, "winbind nss info = template rfc2307:BOOKS" means
to use the rfc2307 information for users in the BOOKS domain.
And fallback to the template smb.conf variables if necessary."

The woinbindd's internal nss layer maintains a list of
registered backends and a list of domain/backend mappings
(see idmap_nss.[ch] for the upper layer code).

I've posted a bzr tree at

The code is not what I would call finished, but does
compile and should give everyone an idea.

cheers, jerry
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