oddball question

Tomasz Sienkiewicz tom at tsphotography.ca
Wed Nov 15 17:29:56 GMT 2006

Hi all,
    I was curious whether anyone attempted to create a SAMBA library that
could be used alongside an application that would 'mimic' the file system.
Basically, I am curious if anyone combined samba server with storage
(internal to the application) ala static web-server.
    What I am trying to do is the following:

    1. Create an app that pre-defines memory on filesystem, but keeps it
    2. The app then populates the memory with data-files
    3. Now the app can either act like a block device and can be mountable
(think iso file) or alternately
    4. It posts a samba share which then can be mounted transparently over
the network on any system.

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