Aleksey Fedoseev fedoseev at ru.ibm.com
Tue Nov 14 13:01:29 GMT 2006

> I've been working on an initial tcp implementation, and keep changing
> the API as I go along. To give you an idea of my current thoughts, you
> can see a simple bit of test code here:
>   http://samba.org/~tridge/ctdb/


Looks like we have to add database context (or just database id) to the

struct ctdb_database {
	struct ctdb_context *ctx;

struct ctdb_database *ctdb_attach(struct ctdb_context *ctdb, const char
*name, int tdb_flags, int open_flags, mode_t mode);

int ctdb_call(struct ctdb_database *db, int call_id, struct cdtb_call

This will allow us to easily detach from a database in the cdtb_database

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