Libsmbclient - listing workgroups timeout

derrell at derrell at
Thu Nov 9 13:54:30 GMT 2006

Henrik Zagerholm <henke at> writes:

> Hello Derrell,
> Thanks again for your thorough answers. =)
> I tried setting max_lmb_count=1 on a little special network and  instead of
> returning about 5 MBs it returned 0. To the defense I can  say that this
> network is really weird...
> After some testing it seems that the total timeout is not
> max_lmb_count*timeout. Putting timeout=1000 and the max_lmb_count=2  still
> took about 15 secs to complete instead of about 2 secs.

It would be interesting to know what's taking the time.  I suspect the call to
get_ipc_connect_master_ip().  It does a node status query on '*' to get the
master browsers, and a connection is established there as well.  You may want
to put some printfs in libsmbclient.c around line 2673 where it calls that
function, to see if that's what's taking the excess time.

> I'll go with your suggestions (sort of) and putting standard  max_lmb_count=2
> and maybe a timeout of about 5000 even though I can't  confirm that the
> timeout has any impact at all. :)

Yes, I see that there are other connections going on so it may actually be
(max_lmb_count+n)*timeout where n is 2 or 3, as the maximum timeout for the



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