svn commit: lorikeet r646 - in trunk/heimdal/lib: asn1 gssapi gssapi/gssapi gssapi/krb5 gssapi/mech

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Sat Nov 4 19:02:45 GMT 2006

2 nov 2006 kl. 20.19 skrev abartlet at

> Add a comment explaining the truly bizare caling conventions on
> der_put_oid()

All the der_put_* functions have the same calling convention and it kind
of make sense when you know that the encoder encodes the bits backward
to avoid moving previous encoded data.

Its sad that the primitives doesn't have the same api as the decode_  
because now you can't use the ASN1_MALLOC_ENCODE() macro on primitives.


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