New configuration backends for Samba 3 SoC project

Avi Alkalay avi at
Wed May 31 13:04:11 GMT 2006

Ray, if Samba configurations migrates to Elektra, you'll still be able
to use command line + vi to manage it. I think the attached screenshot
explain the idea except that instead of vi we used KDE's Kate, just to
make the shot nicer. Some comments on the screenshot are here:

Most screenshots you saw were provided by a separate project called
kdbedit which is a simple GUI to edit keys on Elektra. This is not
needed and is far from a core feature. Elektra was designed to have
zero dependencies so even /sbin/init can use it.

When elektrified, you'll attain the ability to more easily write
scripts that precisely change your Samba configurations without the
need of GUIs or even Swat. Just shell scripts. Being a
programmatically unstructured plain text file today, smb.conf can't
give you this ability in a precise way, unless you create a compiler
(in terms of lexical and syntatical analyzer) and a regenerator for


On 5/31/06, Raymond Lillard <rlillard at> wrote:
> I'm just want to make sure the above paragraph is assurance
> that a text file based configuration capability is not
> going away in Samba-4 and/or in the not just foreseeable
> future, but also the imaginable future.
> Many of us maintain Samba on servers that are far too
> away to travel to.  Furthermore, most of the severs
> I build/maintain do not have any graphical h/w or s/w
> available by intention.
> I don't care whether it is in the present form of smb.conf
> or something more structured, losing text based management
> of Samba would be nothing short of a travesty.
> I pass no judgment on those who want a GUI for Samba, give
> it to them  -- but please don't make paranoid curmudgeons
> such as myself load X on a Samba server just to manage it.
> Regards,
> Ray
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