[PATCH] winbind nested groups fix?

Matthijs Kooijman - Inter-Actief matthijs.kooijman at inter-actief.net
Sun May 28 17:22:43 GMT 2006


so, I've been discussing my patch on IRC today with vl, and we concluded this
is not the way to go. It seems that the way FreeBSD handles group listings, is
not really the way to go. So, instead of patching up the getgrent interface,
it would be better to make FreeBSD support the getgroupmembership interface
(NetBSD) or initgroups_dyn interface (Linux).

I have put up some more in-depth information on my blog [1] if anyone's

I'll be doing some more research and probably poke the FreeBSD community about
this, I'll keep you posted.

[1]: http://katherina.student.utwente.nl/~matthijs/cgi-bin/blosxom/software/samba/WinbindNested.html

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