Extract file of options in smb.conf

Andras Atzel aabox2k at yahoo.com
Thu May 18 09:27:11 GMT 2006

Hi Developers,

i am currently working on an AIX package for Samba including a smitty interface for
easier administration.

It would be a great help in this tool to offer the possible options in a scrollable list.
They are present in a very 'processable' format in the source file param/loadparm.c, but
a source code cannot be part of a user distribution, that's why i could rather imagine an
automated extract of the file, creating a much simpler list file. It would also be
advantageous if an extra flag could be defined to the 'struct parm_struct parm_table[]'
structure (loadparm.c) to help the selection of the most often used options.
How do you like the idea?

As the list file comes from a copyrighted source, it also raises some legal issue. Could
a copyright statement, something like in winbindd_nss.h be applicable here?

( "You are free to use this interface definition in any way you see
   fit, including without restriction, using this header in your own
   products. You do not need to give any attribution." )

Good luck!
Andras Atzel

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