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Brad Henry j0j0 at
Wed May 31 19:13:54 GMT 2006

William Marshall wrote:

>If you (anyone..) is doing WMI coding, a neat tool is scriptomatic, 
>although I'm not sure it is going to have the interfaces you need.  1) it 
>makes the code for you from a template 2) it knows enough about the 
>interfaces that you can use the GUI to find the query/operation you want 
>to do.
>MS says:
>A completely new version of the famous Scriptomatic, the utility that 
>writes WMI scripts for you. (And, in the process, teaches you the 
>fundamental concepts behind writing WMI scripts for yourself.) Unlike its 
>predecessor, Scriptomatic 2.0 isn’t limited to writing just VBScript 
>scripts; instead, Scriptomatic 2.0 can write scripts in Perl, Python, or 
>JScript as well. 
>ssh, etc. would work, but I wonder how much coding would need to be done 
>to allow Samba clients to do a to a remote windows system.
>I did find one web page that looked promising "it is based on the Windows 
>Management Instrumentation (WMI) object model. ... The server in Carter's 
>implementation consists of Samba running on a Sparc ..." 
>But Jerry was talking about a different subject.
>Bill Marshall
>Rochester PC Server Team
Thanks, I'll check out that scriptomatic tool. As for remote WMI, I saw 
on IRC this afternoon that Jelmer mentioned that it is reliant on a 
complete DCOM implementation. I don't know what that means in terms of 
what would need to be done to make it work, however.


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