New configuration backends for Samba 3 SoC project

Chetan S cshring at
Wed May 31 10:13:53 GMT 2006

On 5/28/06, simo <idra at> wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-05-27 at 15:12 -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> > Most of the lp_XXX() functions can be wrapped around
> > a simple query call.  The main hurdles are smb.conf
> > variables and the include parameter.
> A careful analysis on lp_XXX() calls need to be made.
> In some places we call lp_XXX() quite much as we knew they were just
> references to in memory strings.
> We can't move to querying a db for each retrieval without suffering
> major performance issues.
> We may end up requiring a cache system to not destroy performances.
> (Think of how much lp_workgroup() is used (more than 200)).

Just out of curiosity - is there some kind of writeback strategy
employed in ldb if the variables are stored in memory ?

I had this question from the idea that performance issues can be
pretty much be dealt with if part / entire dbs are shifted into memory
with periodic writeback. This should sound more like caching in

The decision to make a variable / parameter memory based+writeback,
can be configurable parameter again :)


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