SOC Automated Windows Testing Project

Brad Henry j0j0 at
Wed May 31 01:36:52 GMT 2006

Hi Tridge, i've been looking at starting the listening service on the 
windows side that sets up and tears down the windows configurations for 
each test. I've decided to go with python and a simple bsd socket 
listener for now sending ascii text strings. Do you have any thoughts 
about this approach?

For the RAW-QFILEINFO smbtorture test, i've written .vbs scripts to add 
and delete a user, a script which creates a directory and share it to a 
user, and one to remove the share and the directory. The scripts need to 
do alot more return code checking and error reporting.

Here's my rough thoughts of the process using RAW-QFILEINFO as an example:

1. Samba test connects to the listening windows host and passes an ascii 
string containing the name of the test and relevant parameters.
2. Windows host creates a user account and a share as requested. That 
user is configured on the windows host to have full control of that share.
3. Windows host replys over the socket with an error code to indicate 
success or failure.
4. Samba test runs "smbtorture -W TESTDOMAIN -U testuser%password 
//dc0.test.domain/testshare RAW-QFILEINFO"
5. Samba test replies to windows host and windows host removes user, 
share and directory.
6. Windows host replies success or failure of (5).
7. Samba test creates a directory, and a user account, and a smb.conf 
which shares that directory, giving that user full control.
8. Samba test replies to Windows host with the test name, username, 
password and share name.
9. Windows host runs equivalent RAW-QFILEINFO test vs smbd and replies 
with its results to Samba test.
10. Disconnect. Samba test halts smbd and removes directory and smb.conf 


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