SOC gui projects: qooxdoo?

derrell at derrell at
Tue May 30 00:53:29 GMT 2006

Rafal Szczesniak <mimir at> writes:

>> If you are going to use qooxdoo, I recommend using the latest branch in
>> qooxdoo's svn, called "namespaces".  The previous versions are not really
>> being actively supported, thus my recommendation against using them at this
>> point.  For reference, the version used last summer by Tridge was 0.1, and
>> the currently released version is 0.5x (0.52, I think).  0.1 is *very*
>> obsolete.  The namespaces branch has a number of new features beyond what
>> 0.5x provided, along with providing new names for each function so that it
>> is entirely namespace clean.  It is the only branch under current
>> development.
> Thanks, Derrell. I'll have a look at the new version, as I'm particularly
> interested in this way of building GUI for samba management. Does this mean
> there're couple of branches with only one being actually developed ?

The "namespaces" branch is the only current branch.  There was an older
branch, "renderer", which became the currently released code (0.5x).  The
"namespaces" branch will supersede the 0.5x release at some point in the
(probably not too far off) future.

>> The namespaces branch includes JSON and JSON-RPC code which should be very
>> apropos to a SWAT-type project.
> What are these for ? I mean, I've had a glance over the web of what is it,
> but nothing more really.

Last summer, Tridge wrote some functions for packing a javascript object into
a string for transport over the network, and for unpacking the string back
into a javascript object upon receipt from the network.  JSON serves the same
purpose but packs the data somewhat differently than Tridge did.  It uses
javascript syntax as the format suitable for transport.  (I believe I heard
Tridge say more recently that at the time he wrote his function, he didn't
know that JSON existed, or he would have used that instead.)

JSON-RPC is a procedure for calling remote functions, using JSON as the
transport mechanism for describing the service, the function within the
service which is to be called, and the parameters to the function; and then
for the return result and/or error to be sent back to the peer.  It should be
highly appropriate for calling the ejs functions remotely, from the gui code.



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