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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Re: svn commit: samba r15795 (simo)
>    2. Re: dead records in locking.tdb (was: Locking database
>       cleanup?) (John E. Malmberg)
>    3. [samba4] nt status returned when credentials are incorrect
>       (Rafal Szczesniak)
>    4. Re: Samba 3.0.23pre1 and (Thomas Bork)
>    5. Re: Samba 3.0.23pre1 and (Thomas Bork)
>    6. Re: Samba 3.0.23pre1 and (Volker Lendecke)
>    7. Re: Samba 3.0.23pre1 and (simo)
>    8. Re: Samba 3.0.23pre1 and (Thomas Bork)
>    9. Re: svn commit: samba r15781 - in trunk/source: printing
>       rpc_server    smbd (Jeremy Allison)
>   10. Re: [samba4] nt status returned when credentials are
>       incorrect (Andrew Bartlett)
>   11. New Samba 3 messaging implementations (Aleksey Fedoseev)

> Hi Team!
> We are working on implementing Samba 3 for clusters. I've published the
> introduction, several clustering problems and proposed decisions (they
> were inspired by Volker's work) on the Samba wiki:
> Any cluster implementation has to be based on some kind of messaging.
> The first step we planned is to implement socket-based (or any
> non-local) messaging in the trunk/samba-3 branch - upon that we'll be
> able to extend the messaging with tcp- or any other transport like MPI
> for cluster version of Samba.
> Our messaging research is published on the wiki:
> There three messaging
> implementations (tdb-based, unix-dgram-sockets from Samba4 and
> unix-stream-sockets) are listed, benchmarked and compared. Patches to
> the current Samba 3 branch can be downloaded there.
> The main quesion is - what messaging extension can be added to trunk
> branch, so we'll continue clustering research and shall implement
> messaging-based locking for clusters?..

I think that the best way is the tdb-based combined with the first
method for messaging information exchange.
However, I suggest that is not smbd which make the communication with
other's nodes, but a
'tdblockd' daemon which replicate each modification between node (like
a super slurpd).

This alternative can permit to administrator to use a different
network for replication system.
A other advantage is that there are no change of smbd code for add
this task or thread.
Example :
    LAN1 : 10/100 Mb for client purpose
    LAN2 : 1Gb for backup and replication tasks.

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