Samba 3.0.23pre1 and

Thomas Bork tombork at
Tue May 23 20:39:23 GMT 2006

Thomas Bork wrote:

>> The bug was not in recycle.c, we were setting the user's
>> primary gid wrong in some cases. The fix was done with
>> revision 15600.
>> I might be wrong, so it would be great if you could retry
>> with current 3_0.
> Thank you, will test this tomorrow.

The gid is correct with Version 3.0.23pre2-SVN-build-15822.
Do you have a solution for my wish?:

It would be nice, if the rights for the recycle directory (in my example 
samba_recycle_bin) could be configured separatly from the rights for the 
subdirectories (in my example %u). So in an public share the recycler 
himself could be accessable for all with

recycle:repository_mode = 0777

and the subdirectories only accessable to the users with

recycle:directory_mode = 0700

der tom

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