Setting the change time on a file

Satwik satwik.hebbar at
Sat May 20 14:11:45 GMT 2006




I was working with the libsmb module of samba, and I found we can fetch
something called a 'Change Time' from a file using the cli_qpathinfo2()
call. I was wondering if I could as well set the 'Change Time' on a file
using some other call in libsmb? I looked at setattrE() and
cli_setpathinfo(), but both of them don't seem to support Change Time. I
didn't even know about this timestamp till sometime back, so I am not sure
if it can even be set, or setting it actually resets it to now(). It seems
to be akin to the CTIME on unix filesystems, and so I guess we should be
able to set it. Is there a call I missed out on? I do some timestamp setting
using setattrE() calls and they seem to set the change time too, and I don't
want that to happen really. So, I was wondering if I could additionally set
the change time too. All help and direction appreciated!




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