New file notification

Kamanhalli, Pavan S pavan.kamanhalli at
Fri May 12 11:47:47 GMT 2006

     I don't know whether this question needs to be asked in this forum
kindly ignore it if this is of no relevance. Sorry for the

     How the user is notified of new files he creates in his share. I am
using WindowsXP and samba 3.0.21c on Tru64 OS, when I access the share
with \\machine\share (in the explorer address bar) I can see the files
that I create straightaway. But when I use search to connect to the
share I can't see the new file unless I Refresh the folder with F5. I am
very new to samba source code hence I could not figure out the solution.
I have already logged a bug 3767 for this. I did not get any reply for
that so I am posting it here.

 Any help is appreciated.


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