Recent spam attacks.

Dhruva Krishnamurthy dhruvakm at
Sun May 7 03:29:41 GMT 2006

Making only signed members to be able to post to the list might be
another solution. If spammers have to send mails, they will have to
register with that mail account (there by preventing them from
changing their mail accounts to post spam). If a reistered mail
account is found to be sending spams, we can remove that
membership/block all incomming mails from that account.
 With this approach, we will be making it more difficult for spammers
to send mails to the list.


On 5/7/06, Ronan Waide <waider at> wrote:
> On May 6, jra at said:
> > A brief idea. Why not simply discard all
> > mail containing a .gif file ? There is never
> > a need for such mail on this list. It would
> > eliminate all the current spam.
> >
> > Is that easy to do ?
> Easy enough (well, depending on your SMTP software), but might I
> suggest rather than discarding that the mail be blocked at the inbound
> SMTP server if possible? Nothing says "go away" like a 500 NO SPAM
> Cheers,
> Waider.
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