Who invited the spam?

Brian Krahmer brian at krahmer.com
Sat May 6 05:37:22 GMT 2006

Is there any way we could filter the spam?  It's like 95% of the 
bandwidth now.

BTW, I've been lurking here for about a month now.  I have integrated 
two new windows service control manager functions into the samba code.  
They are: createservice and deleteservice.  They are handy for remotely 
installing applications on windows machines if you have the proper 
access.  I didn't fully test all of the parameters to createservice 
because I have a feeling that they're rarely used, and if somebody needs 
to use them and they happen to have bugs, they are pretty easily 
reverse-engineered and debugged.  One element that I didn't implement, 
that I would like to, is the password.  I couldn't figure out what the 
encoding was.  I'm hoping somebody can help me out here.  Sniffing a 
pure-windows session, using a blank password, resulted in a 16-byte 
hash.  A 'typical' password was 32-bytes.  These are the A, not W, 
versions.  I did, however, implement the W version only.  (Not tested in 
any 'difficult' locales such as Japan.) 
This is something I've been wanting to do for a couple years, but 
finally got up enough ** to dig in and do it.

Let me know, and when I'm done, I'll post the diffs here.

brian <?php(at)> lockdownNetworks.com

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