smb_register_exit_event went AWOL

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue May 2 12:01:37 GMT 2006

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James Peach wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Way back in r10656, Jerry removed exit events from the 
> module interface. This actually came from Volker's r8872
> change to trunk. I'm updating some modules from 3.0.20b
> to top-of-tree and I just noticed that it's no
> longer there.
> I guess it's not too big a deal for me since the code I'm 
> working on is destined for SVN and I can work around
> it or introduce the code I need to do cleanup.
> However, this is an incompatible change to the 
> module interface, and not all modules live in SVN.
> In the future, perhaps we should flag this
> better to make sure that it's publicised before it happens?
> OTOH, if I'm the first to trip over this, then maybe 
> I'm overestimating the number of out-of-tree modules,
> and it just doesn't matter ...

Right.  I'm not sure why the code was removed.
This is the first complaint I've heard of it.
Doesn't necessarily mean that it is ok though.

Volker?  The check comment says "remove unused code".
Do you remember the context enough to expand on that
a little ?

cheers, jerry
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