trying to correctly handle account passwords via ldap

Henrik Nordstrom henrik at
Wed Mar 29 09:52:23 GMT 2006

ons 2006-03-29 klockan 09:00 +1000 skrev Andrew Bartlett:

> Instead, Samba now supplies ntlm_auth, with a more consistent interface.
> Now, I see 3 options:
>  - Try the ntlm-server-1 interface, and see if works for what is needed.
>  - Design a new helper interface (just as the squid modes were designed
> for squid, I'm happy to have new interfaces for other projects needs).
>  - Create another winbind client shared library, with a stable shared
> library interface to the variable socket API.

FreeRADIUS should be able to use the ntlm-server-1 interface quite

And even more so in the threaded model if using a overlapped
request/response format where a single ntlm_auth process can handle
multiple concurrent authentication sessions.. 

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