Samba v3.0.21c

Tim Judd tjudd2k at
Sun Mar 26 23:31:57 GMT 2006

Hey group

I'm not a subscriber -- but I think I've found the source of my
problem.  I'm having identical problems to a lot of people posting
around the world -- is that when you work with lots of data (100MB
minimum it seems to be), the windows box will say "Network connection
is no longer available" and (in my case) my OpenBSD 3.8 system would
lock up.  OpenBSD doesn't panic, just locks up and you cannot run any
userland programs on it.  pinging will work, but nothing else.

I think there might be a memory leak, this is why:

Running top, I was watching the memory usage and processor usage while
doing a task that always fails.  When I left the room the OpenBSD
machine was running in, it had over 60MB of swapspace used and growing
steadily.  None of the files that were copied were more than 73.1 (file
size of biggest file).  If smbd is using all this memory and when the
swapspace runs out (128M or more), the system halts, windows stops
seeing information, userland programs stop working (including shells).

I've tuned kernel paramaters (sysctl) for socket buffers, and max
filehandles so smbd doesn't complain on startup.  It still fails

I'm not yet joined to the technical list, but I thought I'd throw this
option out there, as that I've seen many people with this same problem.

Thank you ALL for your excellent program, I'll definately keep using it
even during these rough times.

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