get quota command

Toni Casueps casueps at
Thu Mar 23 18:04:21 GMT 2006

I am using the "get quota command" option of smb.conf but I have some 

- I have two shares, and this option is global, so my query_quota script 
must report different quota limits depending for which share is it being 
asked. But Samba always calls this script with "." as first parameter, so I 
can't tell between the two shares. Could this be a bug?

- Wouldn't it be better to report to the clients the hard quota limit 
instead of the soft limit? This can cause that Windows doesn't upload the 
profile at logoff when the used space is over the soft limit, when actually 
it could be uploaded because the hard limit hasn't been
exceeded. (This is why I use get quota command, to report a false soft quota 

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