samba 4 Implementation

Sunando Sen sunando at
Tue Mar 21 02:05:17 GMT 2006


Just tried out the Samba 4 technical preview and have a few
questions: Will samba eventually have a built-in, full fledged LDAP
server? I noticed that as of now Samba cannot add a new user unless
it exists in /etc/passwd. Could it not just create the user and keep
all necessary info in its built-in database. What will it take for
samba to store the usual information (homeDirectory, loginShell,
userPassword, etc.)? Will it also be possible in future to extend the
server by loading user defined schema? Alternatively, is it planned
for samba to store everything in a third party directory server?

I noticed that after I started up samba4, I could kinit, and even
openldap tools worked with SASL-GSSAPI. So it looks like eventually,
I may get an ldap server and kdc for free! That's not bad,
considering how much blood I had to sweat to get openldap and heimdal
working together.

So, how long before SSO nirvana?



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