add_share_command and max connections parameter

Björn JACKE samba at
Mon Mar 20 08:14:39 GMT 2006

Hi Jerry,

svn log -r13086
r13086 | jerry | 2006-01-23 15:47:55 +0100 (Mo, 23 Jan 2006) | 1 line

hooking max connections into 'add share' as well (although the WinXP 
UI doesn't give you a way to set the value on add

for what reason was this change being done, who uses this parameter if 
Windows can't?

This is also not consistently changed, in source/smbd/lanman.c 
lp_add_share_cmd is still called with 4 parameters and 
examples/scripts/shares/{perl,python}/modify_samba_config.{pl,py} fail 
to work if it's called with the 5th parameter "max connections". 
smb.conf(5) also should be updated to reflect the 5th parameter.

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