Samba4 status heading to the next TP

Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Sun Mar 19 06:59:10 GMT 2006

Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> Just a heads up.. I hope to be doing a TP this weekend or on monday. 
> The work on the build system and support for shared libraries is 
> pretty much finished now. There will be some more small changes in 
> the next few days, but nothing too big.
Samba 4 DSO build system is broken w.r.t. ld --as-needed  in
scripting/ejs/ -- it uses libndr_table but that library is put
in gcc parameters' list well before SUBSYSTEM_smbcalls.o which uses two
symbols of it.

ld --as-needed will become default setting anytime soon in binutils
release. It is basically a move to treat shared objects' linking in the
same way as static objects are treated currently -- i.e. symbol
dependencies are satisfied only using libraries available on the right
side of the list after the object which contains the symbol.

What is the current algorithm of reodering dependency information? It
seems that moving dependencies around in files does not make
any difference.
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