Supporting SACLs using EAs and a VFS module?

tridge at tridge at
Wed Mar 15 21:59:36 GMT 2006


 > With "NT ACL" you mean the complete one, including owner
 > info and the SACL?

yes, though I didn't think of this yesterday. For some reason I was
thinking of the sacl as separate. As you point out its part of the sd,
so we don't need any idl change.

So Samba3 would just set sd->dacl to NULL if the dacl isn't wanted,
and instead just have sd->sacl. I'd need to modify the Samba4 code to
handle this case (currently Samba4 ignores the sacl).

btw, I'd be interested in hearing peoples experiences with SACLs. How
often do admins set them up? 

Cheers, Tridge

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