svn commit: samba r14367 - branches/SAMBA_3_0/source/libmsrpc trunk/source/libmsrpc

James McDonough jmcdough at
Tue Mar 14 16:16:00 GMT 2006

Sorry for the gmail address, but my vpn isn't working today...

>Not that I fully understand what's going on here, but the code as it was
>was clearly buggy as Coverity showed with bug id #36.
>According to samba4 idl the sec_desc_buf is [in,out,ref], so we _have_ to
>it in the request.
So I tested basically this same fix yesterday, and what I found is the
client code beneath it is broken (I also discovered that you can't link with
libmsrpc, because it references a static function from libsmbclient!), so
I'm changing the coverity bug to pending.  I'm trying to work on that code
today, but I've been fighting other battles so far...

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