[nfsv4] Windows/NFSv4 ACL interoperability

conrad at mac.com conrad at mac.com
Tue Mar 14 09:58:33 GMT 2006

At 5:40 PM -0500 3/12/06, J. Bruce Fields wrote:
>Several of us had a conversation about ACL interoperability at
>Connectathon the other week, and I just wanted to post some kind of
>Apologies for the cross-posting; this seemed the most efficient way to
>reach the people likely to be interested.  Let me know if there's
>interest, and I could set up a dedicated mailman list for ACL
>So I've started gathering what I know here; corrections welcomed:
>An executive summary: the basic problem, shared to some degree by NFSv4
>and Samba, is that we'd like to support applications that use both POSIX
>and Windows ACLs, and we'd even like to be able to do it from servers
>(like Linux) that only support the less-fine-grained POSIX ACLs.  (At
>some point that may mean just pushing Windows/NFSv4 ACLs into those
>operating systems--I believe OSX, AIX, and Solaris are among those that
>are already doing this.)

Yes the OSX ACL model is nearly Windows.  IMO the most interesting 
difference between them is when none of the ACEs ALLOW or DENY an 
access.  In that case Windows denies the attempt, but OSX at that 
point will fall back to POSIX mode bits.

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