request to remove security=share

tridge at tridge at
Mon Mar 13 12:15:19 GMT 2006


 > Have you ever run across production uses of security = share
 > for something other than guest access?

yes, I have, but not recently :-)

'security = share' was the only option in Samba for a while (up to
version 1.6), and it was also the default until quite recently (did we
change that in 2.2?).

So heaps of people used it in production, and that makes me a bit
nervous about removing it. I agree that it should be deprecated, and I
guess we took the first step towards that when we made security=user
the default.

I wonder if there are many sites left that use the really ancient
clients like the old DOS6 and pathworks clients? It might be worth
testing those to make sure they don't break. I know the earliest
versions of smbclient didn't support user level security (that was
added in 1.5.31), and it may be that some early commercial clients
didn't either.

On the other hand, we haven't added share level security to Samba4
yet, and nobody has complained :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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