svn commit: samba r14173 - (fnum and smb_file change)

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Sun Mar 12 23:18:10 GMT 2006

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tridge at schrieb:
> I'd much rather go back to the old structures, although it might be OK
> to change "uint16_t fnum" to "smb_handle fnum", and make smb_handle be
> a union of uint16 and a smb2_handle. I'm not certain that is a good
> idea though, as the structures for the smb and smb2 calls are
> distinct, so having a common file handle doesn't really seem to buy us
> anything? Instead the ntvfs_generic layer could have a mapping
> function between smb2_handle and uint16_t.

Hi Tridge,

are you ok with r14256?

the idea with this is that I'll later add struct ntvfs_handle *ntvfs to
smb_handle, so that the ntvfs subsystem doesn't need to know about fnum
or smb2_handle.

and as the handle allocation will be moved out of the modules to the
main ntvfs context (this is needed for allowing multiple to allocate
handles in the same id space).

modules will call

struct ntvfs_handle *ntvfs_handle_new(struct ntvfs_context *ctx);

and the smb_server/smb/ smb_server/smb2/ code will act a bit like
the current req_fnum() and will search the struct ntvfs_handle in the
pool using the protocol specific key and then pass the ntvfs_handle
to the backends.

This makes it also easy possible to let multiple modules to hang private
data on a file handle...

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